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Harvest Time for Christmas Trees

With harvest time approaching, I was fortunate enough to visit some beautiful tree farms in the Pacific Northwest this year. Each farm is a little gem of paradise hidden amongst the majestic towering trees of Oregon and Washington State. For a few days, I escaped the scorching heat of working the fields through another SoCal summer. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a steady downpour of rain that quenched my spirit as much as the Earth beneath me. There's no doubt that I'll remember this trip forever.

Harvest time for Christmas trees is the end of October and early November. Once the weather becomes cold enough the trees go dormant and the needles begin to set. I walked the fields to check on the condition of the trees and see what the harvest was looking like for this season. Despite the unprecedented heatwave that hit the Northwest in June, the trees were looking great! Although faced with record high temps this year these trees are surely survivors and nature is miraculous at doing just that. These brilliant farmers have dedicated a decade or more to growing these trees, enduring so much for us to celebrate this special time of the year.

Before we know it harvest will begin and families will begin giving these trees a home. I've even known some to give them a name! I hope your tree brings you joy every time you look at it, every time you walk indoors to that wonderful scent.

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