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July 2021 - Trimming Trees & Looking Ahead


Farm Manager Andy
Farm Manager Andy Shearing Trees

There's nothing quite like spinning circles around trees while repeatedly pressing shears together to snip branches thousands and thousands of times, over and over and over again. Yes, it's exhausting and fantastic at the same time! At the end of a long day, you reap the reward of being covered in the sweet scent of sap and pine needles, literally everywhere.

I learned to shear Christmas trees under (the Don's) Don Cameron and Don Asmus, who always had a knack for it. They taught me so much about working on these trees. Great teachers who selflessly taught anyone with an appetite for knowledge. Including how to take a mishappen tree and turn it into something beautiful. That's why we're considered part-time tree doctors, diagnosing any ailments to have these trees looking healthy and beautiful for families to take home each season.

In the end it's all worth the effort to see the trees shaped nicely and ready for their next bout of growth.


We've begun stocking up the nursery for Fall planting! This year we'll attempt to plant about 2,000 trees before our season opening. We want a lot of baby trees in the ground ready to take off once the rains arrive.

Please, please be careful of the baby ones while cutting down your trees this season. Every year we lose hundreds of new trees when the covers get knocked off. In the future, I'd like to create more aisles for everyone to carry the trees out if possible, but until then please use extra caution so we can keep the fields full of trees.

We'll be keeping extra trees to have a nursery area set up for our guests and kids to see what baby Christmas trees look like before they are planted.


The crew and I took some time this past month to began cleaning up and organizing the main sales area in preparation for the season. There's so much to do each year before we are able to open our farms to guests. The calendar always seems to turn faster than expected. They did a great job getting us a head start with organizing!


***New this season we are offering tree removal for those who need their tree taken away and disposed of after the season. These trees will then be recycled and turned into mulch for the farm. There will be a link on our website and online store with a few dates and time slots to choose from.

50TH ANNIVERSARY!!! (1971-2021)

Looking forward to another holiday season with you Christmas Ranchers!

Keep it Real,

Jeff Pine Tree

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