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Rebirth Year - 2020

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

These trees can survive through a lot of rough conditions. Every day on the farm, there's an element of nature that they're facing.


  • Planted over 5,000 trees by shovel and hand

  • Replanted Simi Valley and adjusted the row size for more spacing between trees

  • Replanted all of Thousand Oaks, both sides of the road and over the hill

  • Added two new sections of trees at Simi Valley

  • Added one new section of trees at Thousand Oaks

'2017 was a rough year for growing trees in SoCal because of the record temperatures. It became an early learning experience in my career that prepared me for these past few years of heatwaves and record highs.

I'm seeing this as a rebirth year for the farms, and planting over 5000 trees was an essential part of the future for them.'

~ Jeff Ruggieri -Owner

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